Archive: July 2019

Common carp with inflamed gills

In May 2019 several dead Common carp (Cyprinus carpio) were found in an old underwater sandpit situated in Haaren, province of North-Brabant. In previous years  only one or two dead carp were found in  this time of year, but this year more common carp were found dead over a short periode of time.
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Badger with lung tumor

April 2019 the working group Badgers in Brabant reported the finding of a dead badger to the DWHC. The animal which seemed to have been in very poor condition was found in the city of Oss, the Province of North Brabant. It was  subsequently  collected to investigate the cause of death.
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Wild boar mortality Veluwe 2019

Status 6 april 2020, conclusion
In total eight wild boars were submitted for post-mortem investigation. Six of them were found dead, two were shot because of their aberrant behaviour.
The cause of death of five of the six examined wild boar found dead, is still unclear. One died of a lung condition
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