Between them, the following people work 4.4 full-time functions for the DWHC:

Naam Functie
Prof. Dr. A. Gröne (DVM, Dipl. ECVP, Dipl. ACVP) Director
Dr. J. Rijks (DVM) Researcher (ecology & epidemiology)
Dr. M. Kik (DVM, Dipl. Vet. Pathol. NL) Pathologist
Dr. J. IJzer (DVM, Dipl. Vet. Pathol. NL) Pathologist
Ir. M.G.E. Montizaan Communication
H. Hesselink Administration
N. Buijs Technichal support
Dr. A.J.A.M. van Asten Molecular biologist

In addition, the work of the DWHC team is supported by other members of the pathology department including receptionists, autopsy room technicians, trainee pathologists and interns.


Andrea Gröne and the DWHC work closely with the research team performing post-mortem investigation on cetaceans.

Naam Functie
Lonneke IJsseldijk Project-coordinator