Ranavirus in the province of South-Holland

Ranavirus has been detected in the province of South-Holland in both water frog larva and salamanders. The animals were were found at two different locations, one located in the far east, in the triangle of the provinces of South Holland – Utrecht – Gelderland, the other location being in the middle of the province, around the city Rotterdam.

Distribution in the Netherlands

The ranavirus was first detected by pathologist Marja Kik of the DWHC in 2010 in frogs in the Dwingelderveld (in the province of Drenthe). The virus was thereafter also found in the province of Overijssel (2011), Noord-Brabant (2013), Gelderland (2013), Friesland (2014), and Limburg (2014). And now in the province of South Holland (2017) as well. The locations are shown on the map below. In the north of the Netherlands, both the number of animals affected by the ranavirus and the spread of the virus are much greater than in the other parts of the Netherlands. Hence the difference in circle size.