Archive: May 2014

Tularemia also found in a hare from Utrecht

A new case of tularemia in a hare has been detected, this time in a hare from the province of Utrecht; this is the third case of this disease being found in hares in the Netherlands since last year when it was found in hares from Limburg and Zeeland.
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Ranavirus in Drenthe

After the mass die-off of frogs and salamanders in the Dutch province of Drenthe caused by ranavirus, the Dutch organisation for Reptile, Amphibian & Fish Conservation (RAVON) and the Dutch
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Minutes of the badger meeting 5th April 2014

On the 5th April 2014 the badger working group of Brabant held a meeting about badgers. A variety of people who submit dead badgers to the DWHC for post-mortem investigation were present as well as members of the badger working groups of Drenthe, Utrecht and Limburg, and representatives of the Animal Ambulance,
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