Ranavirus in Drenthe

RANA2120After the mass die-off of frogs and salamanders in the Dutch province of Drenthe caused by ranavirus, the Dutch organisation for Reptile, Amphibian & Fish Conservation (RAVON) and the Dutch Wildlife Health Centre (DWHC), with funding from the local council, carried out an information campaign in the province. The campaign included the creation and distribution of an informative flyer, presentations about the virus given by various organisations and television coverage of the story.


ravonThe flyer contains information about the effect of ranavirus, how it can be recognised and the role people play in its transmission and the prevention of virus spread. It is available (in Dutch) here.


Het is belangrijk om het gebruikte materiaal, zoals laarzen en schepnet, goed te reinigen en ontsmetten

All materials used in the field including boots and nets should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected

Annemarieke Spitzen (RAVON) and Jolianne Rijks (DWHC) gave three presentations in various locations throught the province (Informatiecentrum van Natuurmonumenten in Fochteloërveen op 12 March; ICO Centrum voor Kunst en Kultuur op 23 April; Landschapsbeheer Drenthe op 24 March).

TV-program Roeg, RTV-Drenthe

On the 30th of April 2014 Jolianne Rijks (DWHC) gave an interview on the local television about ranavirus. It is available (in Dutch) via this link RTV-Drenthe 2014, (starting at minute 3.1).

More information

fact sheet about ranavirus, a hygiene protocol (RAVON) and cleaning instructions  are available in Dutch. Follow this link for more info about Ranavirus surveillance in the Netherlands, 2011