Report a dead animal

For your information: DWHC does not remove dead animals from the field or out of the water. The responsibility for collecting and clear out dead animals is the owner/manager of the place where the animal is lying.

DWHC has two forms to report a dead animal, select one of them:

  1. Report a dead animal for a post-mortem investigation. The cadaver should be fresh, in your possession, packed double and kept in a cool place prior to collection. If this is the case, choose option 1 (left/first option), otherwise choose option 2 (right/second option).
  2. Report to gain insight in mortality of wildlife. Minimal contact details asked.

Form for post-mortem investigation

All contact data are required. The animal has to be in your possesion and meets certain conditions to be suitable for post-mortem investigation:

  • Name
  • E-mail and phone number where you can be reached during working hours.
  • Address where the dead animal can be retrieved during working hours.
  • Dead animal has to be hygienically double-packaged.
  • Animal has been dead less then 24 hours;
  • Animal has to be undamaged;
  • Animal has to be stored as cool as possible (preferable between 0 – 7 C) and not frozen*.

*Exception freezing: birds that are susceptible for avian influenza and are only tested for AI, can be deepfrozen.

Form gaining insight wildlife mortality

Minimal contact data required.

  • Name
  • E-mail
  • Phone number is desirable, but not obligatory.

The contact data is necessary to be able to contact you in rare cases when more information is required (for example, the death of a rare species) or, exceptionally, after review of the data, when collection for post-mortem exam is deemed necessary.