Report a dead animal

Notification form for reporting dead animals found in the Netherlands.
With the help of this form you can report (unusual) illness and / or death of dutch wildlife.

Visit the contact page to find out how you can get in touch.

Once the document has been submitted you will see another screen that will tell you if your submission has been successful. In addition, a confirmatory email containing the details of your submission will be sent to the address you provided.

If you do not receive either the screen report or mail then your submission was not received; in this case we request that you repeat your submission or mail the details directly to

Personal details

Location of the Animal

Indicate where you found or observed the dead animal.

Werkt deze kaart niet, vul de gegevens dan handmatig in.

  1. Open Google Maps.
  2. Klik met de rechtermuisknop op de locatie of het gebied op de kaart.
  3. Selecteer Wat is hier?
  4. You can find more informatie on the bottom of this page.

Links is over het algemeen de latitude en rechts de longitude.

Click on the map to select the location.


Animal specifications: