Archive: March 2023

Bever zittend op een tak in het water

Results of examinating beavers in January and February 2023

In January and February 2023, the DWHC has examined four beavers for cause of death. Two animals came from the province of Noord-Brabant and two came from the province of Gelderland. One of the beavers from Noord-Brabant was stuck in a fence (see picture). The fence had been there for 50 years already, and in the
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kokmeeuwen, eerstejaars op voorgrond en adult op achtergrond

Update on mortality in black-headed gulls

By now it is clear that there is an increased mortality in wild birds due to high-pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI), mainly within populations of black-headed gulls. Halfway through February the DWHC and partner organizations published an article about the signs of this trend ( Read more

Eucoleus dispar found in Eurasian sparrowhawks

In both January and February 2023, a Eurasian sparrowhawk (Accipiter nisus) was examined by the DWHC. Both sparrowhawks had inflammations of the oral mucosa, and one also had an inflammation of the crop. In both birds these inflammations were caused by the nematode (roundworm) Eucoleus dispar.
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