Category: Closed Projects

No evidence of bird flu in dead mute swans

In 2015, 11 dead mute swans were submitted to the Dutch Wildlife Health Centre (DWHC) for post-mortem investigation. Whilst the cause of death of these birds varied, they were all negative for avian influenza virus.
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The green finch – DWHC focus species in 2016

In 2016, the green finch was selected as the focus species of the Dutch Wildlife Health Centre (DWHC) and together with partner organisations we ask you to help us research this common garden bird by reporting findings of dead birds. to the DWHC.
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2010 – 2011: A retrospective look at Q-fever in deer

This project will involve the retrospective analysis of stored serum and tissue samples from deer previously submitted to the DWHC for post-mortem investigation, for the presence of infection with the bacterial cause of Q-fever, Coxiella burnetti.
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