DSWH & BWDS symposium Wildlife diseases going viral

Datum: 13 oktober 2022
Locatie: Utrecht

After the success of the first, we are happy to invite you to the second joint symposium organized by The Dutch Society for Wildlife Health (DSWH) and the Belgian Wildlife Disease Society (BWDS).  This second joint symposium aims to illustrate the different interpretations of the subject “Wildlife diseases going viral” within a wildlife diseases context and using different approaches: actual viral pathogens, new wildlife species encounters and opportunistic wildlife species in the cities. At the same time it offers an opportunity to exchange ideas with a wide range of colleagues (veterinarians, ecologists and conservation professionals from local and national government, clinical practice, zoos, universities, wildlife sanctuaries and students ) from The Netherlands and Belgium. For more information about  the programme and registration take a look at the attachment below or DSWH website.

Invitation BWDS – DSWH joint symposium 2022